Podcast: Digitization And Workforce Management Are Key For Commodities Markets

Featured in the HC Insider Podcast Series

This episode was first published on August 20, 2020.

When it comes to commodities markets, the Energy Transition will have a major impact on commodity producers and the commercial responses that will be needed in order to survive and thrive.

Roland Rechtsteiner, Global Head of Oil & Gas, Mining, and Chemicals at Oliver Wyman, spoke on the HC Insider Podcast Series to provide clarity on what the Energy Transition is and what its impact will be on this space as part of a two-episode miniseries. In this second episode, Roland discusses how advances in workforce management, digitization, and applications provide a great opportunity to rethink operating models to meet the challenges ahead. The episode also looks at what it all means for the real assets in the commodities world – the talent.

Once you have defined where you want to be, having a proactive portfolio management strategy is key.

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