United States Consumers Rethink Grocery

Discounter Lidl Recently Opened Its First Stores In The United States, And Early Customers Are Impressed

Lidl, one of the world’s largest grocery chains, entered the US grocery market this summer, raising two major questions: Will American consumers give this new hard discounter a chance? And, if so, how much of their grocery spending will shift to Lidl?

Lidl joins Aldi in the US, and collectively have successfully entered 20+ countries from Austria to Australia. Given their success in exporting their format, the question might be better posed as, “what makes the US consumer so different that we should not expect Lidl to have a significant impact on the US grocery market?”

Exhibit : How do early Lidl shoppers rate their shopping experience?

Lidl surpassed the expectations of most customers

Source: Oliver Wyman analysis 

United States Consumers Rethink Grocery