The New Digital Customer

How digital tools will change the experience of car ownership

A trip to a repair shop for regular car maintenance has much potential for misery: This begins with the time taken up, and can end with an expensive repair that reminds the driver of the burden of car ownership.

So smart automakers are making pit-stops more fun – and more lucrative – by offering additional products and services that fit the driver’s needs, such as customized vehicle insurance for an upcoming vacation. They do this by analyzing a mass of data on individual driving style, preferences, and the current state of the vehicle to assemble a detailed profile that will suggest cross‑sales. These can potentially add 10 percent to service revenues – and make the customer feel they have gotten more from their visit than just a hefty invoice for damage repair.


Customer experience cycle

Customers are accompanied at all stages of the life cycle with continuous, recurring interaction

Source: Oliver Wyman

The New Digital Customer