Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center Leaders Alliance

The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) was created to promote positive change in healthcare.

Leaders Alliance is a coalition comprised of senior executives from all areas of healthcare who have committed to work collaboratively on key issues impacting consumer value and overall industry sustainability. The Leaders Alliance will focus on major challenges that are impeding healthcare industry progress, where no one organization or sector can adequately address the issue on its own. The group will develop a vision for industry change and outline a broad agenda to achieve that vision. The Leaders Alliance will use the collective power of the group to advance innovative, multi-stakeholder solutions at scale.

The Empowered Marketplace

The OWHIC Leaders Alliance is tackling the biggest healthcare issues that no one organization or sector can advance without multi-stakeholder and cross-industry collaboration. The group addresses issues with the following characteristics:

  • Represent a significant opportunity to disrupt, transform, or reinvent
  • Hold the promise of significant impact
  • Have pervasive industry-level challenges
  • Require multi-stakeholder solutions

At its inaugural meeting, Leaders Alliance members focused on defining a vision for the Empowered Marketplace. The Empowered Marketplace is informed consumers actively participating in the system. It is a market that looks to physicians to deliver better, more cost-effective treatment, and then rewards those who do so. And it includes systemic incentives that align with long-term individual and population-wide health goals. 

To achieve the Empowered Marketplace, collaboration, cooperation, and unprecedented partnerships between payers, providers, and innovators will be required. The Empowered Marketplace requires long-term perspective and commitment from incumbents and new entrants alike. The Leaders Alliance is dedicated to facilitating and scaling the innovation that will make the vision of the Empowered Marketplace a reality.

Sam Glick and Josh Michelson Answers 4 Questions
  • 1Why did Oliver Wyman form the OWHIC Leaders Alliance?

    Sam Glick: At Oliver Wyman, we've had a long history of consulting with – rather than consulting to – clients. Collaborating with extraordinary organizations to solve tough problems is what we do for a living, and the OWHIC Leaders Alliance is an extension of that focus. Through the Leaders Alliance, we aim not just to redesign businesses, but to redesign the healthcare system in a way that's consistent with our mission.

  • 2Why is a multi-stakeholder approach needed?

    Sam Glick: No company or industry has ever survived betting against the consumer. And consumers don't think in silos of payer vs. provider vs. pharma vs. software company, etc. So if we're going to change the industry, we can't think that way either; we need every part of the consumer experience represented if we have any hope of making the revolution happen.

  • 3It seems there is no shortage of innovation. What will it take to translate that to real change?

    Josh Michelson: Promising solutions are trapped in silos; simply effectively using what already exists would dramatically change the game. However, our belief is that the next frontier goes a step beyond scaling innovation. Real breakthrough will come through the integration of these solutions – a genuine creative assembly around population and consumer needs. OWHIC Leaders Alliance members are committing to addressing major issues in this type of connected manner.

  • 4Cross-industry initiatives have been launched before. Why is this different?

    Josh Michelson: A number of industry groups are a collection of ‘like animals;’ others focus on either ‘far-out’ or ‘immediate’ issues; and there are forums for discussion, experience sharing, and research. We are unique in our diversity of membership and because we are guided by a long-term vision for where we collectively aspire to move the industry. We are a transformative action group, motivated to tackle the issues others view as intractable.

Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center Leaders Alliance


Meet Members of the Leaders Alliance

View the Full List of Leaders Alliance Members

Providers & The New Front Door

Mary Brainerd 
– President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthPartners
Mike Dandorph
– President, Rush University Medical Center
Rushika Fernandopulle, MD, MPP 
– Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Iora Health
Niyum Gandhi
– Executive Vice President and Chief Population Health Officer,Mount Sinai Health System
David Joyner 
– Chief Executive Officer, Hill Physicians Medical Group
Harry Leider, MD
– Chief Medical Officer and Group Vice President, Walgreens
Marty Makary, MD 
– Surgical Director, Pancreas Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Ido Schoenberg, MD 
– Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Well
Chuck Stokes 
– President and CEO , Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Health Plans

Chris Hunter    
– Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Humana
Bill Lamoreaux    
– Chief Operating Officer, Emblem Health
René Lerer, MD    
– President, GuideWell and Florida Blue
Brian Lobley    
– President, Commercial and Consumer Markets, Independence Blue Cross
John Naylor    
– Senior Vice President, Commercial Markets, Medica
Maureen O’Connor    
– President, Mosaic Health Solutions

Michael Parkerson

Chief Strategy Officer and SVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
Jason Robart    
– Chief Strategy Officer/President and Chief Executive Officer, BCBS Massachusetts/Zaffre Investments
Craig Samitt, MD    
– Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Anthem, Inc.


Jeanne Cohen    
– Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Motive Medical Intelligence
John Kao    
– Chief Executive Officer and President,  Alignment Healthcare
Mike Weissel    
– Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Solutions Group, Optum

Engagement and Better Living

Sean Duffy    
– Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Omada
Jason Langheier, MD, MPH    
– Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zipongo
Jeff Margolis    
– Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Welltok
Tom Spann    
– Co-Founder, Vice Chair, and Chief Operating Officer, Accolade
Donato Tramuto    
– Chief Executive Officer, Healthways
Glen Tullman    
– Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Livongo Health

Precision Medicine and Pharma

Rajni Aneja, MD    
– Global Head, Digital Strategy/Transformation, Novartis
Enrique Conterno    
– Senior Vice President and President, Lilly Diabetes
Jim Hudson    
– Chairman and Co-Founder, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Brad Perkins, MD    
– Chief Medical Officer, Human Longevity

Grace Terrell, MD
– Founding CEO, Envision Genomics 

Capital Markets and Accelerators

Charles Boorady    
– Founding Managing Director, Health Catalyst Capital
Esther Dyson    
– Executive Founder, Way to Wellville
Matt Hermann    
– Senior Managing Director, Ascension Ventures
Nina Kjellson    
– General Partner, Canaan Partners
Robbert Vorhoff    
– Managing Director, General Atlantic