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What We Do

We help government agencies navigate the changing nature of their demand. The traditional lines of operations and threat types are blurring, bringing complexity to their missions. Our expertise lies in capability investment and development, prioritization and allocation of resources for national security. We proudly partner with small to medium enterprises and a global network of independent experts from across five eyes and countries worldwide — so by partnering with us, agencies can effectively engage in a multi-expert advisory and transformation model.

In today's digital age, defense, law enforcement, and national security agencies are undergoing large-scale digitization efforts to manage the vast volumes of data they handle. We assist agencies in introducing advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into their core processes, enabling them to transform data into valuable intelligence and case information.

The workforce is a critical strategic agenda for defense, law enforcement, and national security agencies, just as it is for many private and public sector clients. We understand the complexities of this workforce, including the need for unique vetting requirements, the large uplift needed in cyber and digital skills, and the high dependence on contractors in core roles. We provide integrated solutions in partnership with our sister company Mercer, to attract, recruit, and retain talented individuals — while also addressing some of the unique mental health concerns that may arise given the mission and focus of agencies.

By partnering with us, government agencies can benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the defense, law enforcement, and national security sector(s) and our ability to help them adapt to the evolving landscape. We are dedicated to supporting agencies to optimize their operating models and resources, enhance their capabilities, and achieve mission success in an ever-changing strategic environment.

Working with our clients, we strive to create safe and vibrant communities, protect vulnerable citizens, and uphold our core values of defence and national security.


Who We Are