A data sharing technology with security in its DNA


ENKI provides secure consent-based sharing of data between counterparties with an immutable audit trail to determine provenance.

ENKI customer impact

ENKI enables policy-based control of data access

ENKI enables PSD2 and GDPR compliance for sharing with consent

ENKI provides an integrated approach to security and privacy for multiple counterparties in a single system

ENKI provides auditability and control of provenance of all data shared

By combining these benefits, ENKI radically reduces the complexity of data sharing systems.


In a world with increasing amounts of data in play, the need to balance consent, openness and security has become paramount. ENKI achieves this by providing internal and external users with a trusted and reliable sharing infrastructure. Most data capture and sharing processes are insecure and inefficient, with unnecessary complexity, inconsistency of approach and duplication of effort. ENKI overcomes these issues, coheres the security approach and improves user experience at the same time.

Mature and battle tested bank-grade security infrastructure

Immutable audit trail

Latest authentication standards and technology

Multi-factor authentication protocols supported

Attribute capture

Sharing platform tracks data, messaging, payments, and files

ENKI is Open Source (GNU GPL-3.0), and brings all of the advantages of open source, preventing supplier lock-in.

ENKI source: https://github.com/owdigital/enki-all