OW Industry: Energy

Power & Gas Retail

Oliver Wyman’s retail and energy service experts help the world’s leading utilities to draw value from their retail and service business (and escape the commodity trap) in an industry in transition.

Creating the New Customer OfferingUtility retail business is going through a transition. We help our clients to create new offerings to their clients: Supply of commodities in a convenient customer oriented way and services to foster needs around energy for their home or business. Our team of experts uses market and customer insights to develop successful value propositions resulting in winning products on the market. Working closely with our branding experts of LIPPINCOTT we provide a comprehensive positioning in the market.
Creating Operational Excellence Across the Whole CycleWe have developed tested methodologies to lift performance to the next level and to engage people from the entire organization to deliver on that aspiration. We build on experience and best practices from utilities across the globe. In joint teams across different service industries, we bring additional new concepts. Thus we help our clients to also excel in combined offers of energy services with telco products, financing offers or electric mobility.
Mastering the Digital WorldWe help our clients to achieve step-change in efficiency and customer orientation by taking advance of making their business digital. We develop integrated and convenient customer journeys enabled by dedicated processes and customer driven interfaces. We form joint teams with the experts from our SITO team to help our customers design the system environments and requirements to the architecture and even help pick the right partner for implementation. That boosts our clients’ effectiveness in selected processes or along a new operating model for the whole energy retail value chain.

Power & Gas Retail Insights