Fostering Language Skills For Future Professionals

Through its volunteering activities at la Casa de las Mercedes over the years, members of Oliver Wyman’s Mexico City office noticed that the girls and young women receiving assistance from la Casa would greatly benefit from stronger English language skills to bolster the very minimal lessons they receive at public schools. The girls had questions and an eagerness to learn English so that they would be equipped to pursue professional careers that would enable them to financially sustain their families. 

The real impact is showing the girls you care about them, not the English lesson itself.
Daniel de la Pena, Senior Consultant

An Executive Assistant in the Mexico City office, Cecilia Tornel, along with her eldest son, started providing English lessons at la Casa every other Saturday in September 2019, covering 5th-year Elementary to 3rd-year Middle School students, and continued until mid-March 2020 when Mexico went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been a very rewarding experience. I love when we are laughing or singing together, or when the students help each other with lessons or connect early to the calls because they are so eager to learn.
Antonio Aguirre, Consultant

Virtual lessons began in May 2020 and the program is now well into its third year.  Cecelia’s EA team colleagues, Jorge Segura and Amairani Corona, plus consultants Antonio Aguirre, Javier Rodriguez, and Daniel de la Pena, joined along the way to form the “OW Professor” volunteer team.

The girls at Casa de las Mercedes have taught me so much in this short period of time because, after all they have gone through, they are happy, strong, and always willing to learn.
Amairani Corona, Executive Assistant

The lessons have covered everything from the very basics (ABCs and numbers) to Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Phonetics & Vocabulary.  And together with the Mexico City office, the "OW Professor" team has donated a WiFi amplifier, five English/Spanish dictionaries, notebooks, and school supplies to la Casa.

The Head of Casa de las Mercedes, its Administrative team, and the young people in the program have all provided positive feedback. The students have shared that it is becoming less difficult to learn, practice, and communicate in English.

These girls have touched my life and I hope they feel the same way.
Cecilia Tornel, Executive Assistant