Subas leads our work at the intersection of Financial Services risks, regulations and technology-driven change, globally. He is one of the internationally acclaimed thinkers and contributors to the world of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) and has led some the largest Risk and Regulatory Compliance change programmes for tier-1 banks and financial institutions. He is nimble and driven by the passion of delivering outstanding quality work that defines best-in class. 

Throughout my life, including growing up in a populated and culturally diverse country such as India, I have always objected myself to make a positive difference and leave a memorable experience to the people who came across me”. Humility, passion, hard-work alongwith wit and foresight are the key qualities that define the leaders and leading organizations in our industries, qualities that we need to hone further in today’s turbulent economic environment

Subas advises on the innovation and strategy of the future of Financial Services and Digital. Simplification and rapid adaption of digitalisation are his specialization including getting grips with complex regulatory compliance mandates across all key non-financial risk domains such as, cyber and data privacy, financial crime, misconduct and operational risk. He has also several years of experience in FinTech and RegTech start-ups, mergers and acquisitions  and tech enabled organizational transformation with strategic links to a number of senior leaders in the industry, Government, Regulators, academics and contributors to the future of FinServ and Financial Inclusion.

“I always strive for positive change, in every aspect of life whether that means spending time with my children as their father, spending time with friends and relatives or with my clients, network. If all of us do out bits and embrace change, strive for new skills and knowledge with the growing time then delivering exceptional experience is a mere next step. I find the following four points as useful tools to set my course right every now and then 1. Sustaining our future is more important than the interests of today. 2. Purpose is more important than strategy. 3. Community is more important than a selection of people. 4. Value is more important than profit.