Som Ghosh
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Som Ghosh is an Associate in the Consumer, Industrials and Services Practice, based in the firm’s New York office. He is also one of the founding members of the Climate and Sustainability initiative at the Oliver Wyman Forum. 

Having grown up playing sports competitively, Som is no stranger to the classic tale of the underdog. “I’ve learned that, no matter how ingrained a belief or habit is and no matter how afraid one is, change and overcoming actual and perceived challenges is always possible,” he says. Som believes there is a strong parallel between the tale of the underdog and climate change. “Fossil fuels are ubiquitous in contemporary society and are ingrained in our lives in ways we don’t often realize,” he notes. 

The technological and economic progress made in clean energy over the last decade is truly inspiring and is positioning us to take on our fossil fuel habit once and for all.

Having started his career in Investment Banking, advising solar and energy storage companies on M&A transitions, Som has experienced the growth and potential of the clean energy transition first-hand. Since joining Oliver Wyman, Som has been focused on the Consumer, Industrials and Services sectors, supporting clients on a variety of topics including large-scale transformation, board-level strategy, operational efficiency assessments, and human capital planning.

At Oliver Wyman, Som has also worked with the World Energy Council on the ‘World Energy Trilemma Index’ which ranks countries on their ability to provide sustainable energy, and with the Oliver Wyman Forum’s Climate and Sustainability initiative, which focuses on building solutions on the largest systematic barriers towards achieving climate goals globally.

Som’s motivation to address our world’s fossil fuel dependence is bigger than the ability to spend summers hiking, winters skiing and travelling this beautiful world. It was after a 5-month fellowship with the Rockefeller Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand, that Som developed a deeper understanding of how climate change affects different populations. “Climate change is a ‘threat multiplier’ and will have disproportionate humanitarian and economic impacts on the most vulnerable people in the world,” he explains.  

We have no option but to mitigate the impacts of climate change. I’m passionate about supporting our clients on this exciting journey.