Simon Oertel

Principal, Automotive and Manufacturing Industries practice
Simon, who operates out of Munich, works with clients in manufacturing industries to meet the challenges and uncertainty in an age of digitalization.

An expert in increasing the profitability of manufacturers, often in Private Equity ownership, he helps clients reduce product and purchase costs in a sustainable manner. Many of his clients are private equity investors, whom he advises on improving the operations and performance of their assets and in creating value-add programs.

My clients are in the manufacturing space, producing things that you can touch and feel. Although the current focus on digitalization and data has created a great deal uncertainty for many of them, manufacturers continue to play a key role and perform a vital function in the economy.

A global citizen, Simon has lived and studied on three different continents – he obtained a degree in international business administration from the University of Tübingen, in Germany, and studied abroad in the US where he met his Spanish wife. After a few years at Oliver Wyman, he took a leave and went to business school in Singapore where he earned an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD. That international mindset enables him to help clients to tackle problems they face against the background of an ever more complex and global world.

The moments that matter are when clients reach out to you and thank for your contribution, when they realize and recognize that we went above and beyond what had been initially agreed on to ensure that we reach the best result for the clients. That’s what we work for.

But while work is important, it is not everything.

My ambition is to leave a positive impact on this planet. One way to do this (and perhaps the best way) is in raising my son who in turn gives me lots of joy. But I am also engaged inside Oliver Wyman to develop and mentor new talent, and outside of work by being an active and responsible citizen, helping in the integration of refugees in German society.