Simon Holland

Partner, Organizational Effectiveness
Having worked in consulting for 30 years, Simon is convinced that an organization is only effective when it is both healthy and smart.

Change initiatives often fail because we over-index the smart components and overlook the health components, such as a supportive performance culture, well designed organizations, aligned leaders, and highly engaged employees willing and able to go the extra mile. 

As a New York-based partner in our Organizational Effectiveness practice, Simon uses his skills and expertise to advise his clients to execute on their change strategies to successfully transform their organizations. Specifically, Simon is keenly focused on putting the right conditions in place for change to be truly effective.

In recent years, aligning culture is one of the defining challenges of business. Yet changing an entrenched culture is one of the toughest tasks that businesses will face.

Olivery Wyman’s TrueView product is an extension of Simon’s lifelong belief that it is vital to have the right conditions in place. Designed by Simon and his colleagues at Oliver Wyman, TrueView provides the analytics and insights to help your organization better understand where the levels of commitment are in your change journey and uses targeted interventions to ensure that change ambitions are achieved. 

TrueView is a tool which helps clients to see where their attention is most needed before or during their strategic organizational change. This offers a huge tactical advantage by taking the guesswork out of change and transformation.

To learn more about how Simon’s organizational expertise and the TrueView tool can help your organization be both healthy and smart, please visit