Saahil Malik
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Saahil focuses on strategy and new business development, business planning, due diligence, and large-scale launch/transformational efforts for telecom and technology clients. His rich experience and education background laid the foundation for his role with communications, media, and technology (CMT) clients. “I was fascinated between the interplay of macro- and micro-economic theory and my Master’s thesis focused on competition,” he says. “My experience in economic and litigation consulting, while different from a content perspective, was a training ground in professional services more broadly.”

The turning point for me, both personally and professionally, was the move to Asia. From a personal perspective, it was a game changer for the family, while from a professional perspective, it allowed me to bring to bear for clients my prior experience from both developed and developing markets, such as North America, Middle East, and Africa.

Based in Singapore, Saahil finds the diversity of the markets, clients, and topics in South East Asia (and Australia) invigorating. Within the CMT sector, his more recent experience has been concentrated in the digital, analytics and cost areas, with a focus on driving larger scale launch and transformation programs in the telecommunication sector.  

Getting a good business outcome is of course important to him but what matters more is seeing the difference his work and that of the Oliver Wyman teams have made. “What stands out to me in terms of recent impact for our clients has been the launch of digital telcos after several months of effort stitching together the pieces of those launches,” says Saahil. “There’s nothing like the feeling of when the ‘baby’ is born, hits the market, exceeds management’s expectation, and is well received by the market.”