Richard Hell
Partner and Head of Automotive Sector and Oliver Wyman Engineers
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Richard, a self-described “passionate engineer by training,” has spent more than 25 years in manufacturing and digitalization, advising automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing companies on improving their operations, enhancing product development, and managing technical risks along the engineering value chain. “The experience I gathered throughout my professional career in different industries has allowed me to build my reputation, network, and intellectual capital, which is the foundation for the deep technical work I do now,” he says. 

My goal is to show clients that a change in perspective and openness to unbiased, fact-based decision-making will allow them to find answers to their technical questions. It’s like Albert Einstein once said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

Before moving into consulting, he worked in many different leadership positions. “Having had operational responsibility for products, departments, and cross-functional matters is a tremendous resource to bring to the table in my role as a consulting partner in my industries,” Richard says.

Clients seek out his advice in product development, operations and quality improvement, crisis and launch management, and digitalization in industries that develop, produce, or service technically complex products and assets. “One of our goals is to help them make smarter, fact-based technical or operational decisions to build sustainable and reliable products for a better world,” says Richard.

An important lesson he learned early on is the need for thoroughness and precision. “I learned the hard way that proper risk mitigation processes and thorough testing plans matter,” he says. His advice to young people who are considering entering the field of consulting is simple. “Just be authentic, open-minded, and never lose your enthusiasm for technology.”