Rachel Gregory

Engagement Manager - Retail and Consumer
Following a degree in chemistry, studying the mobility of interstitial iron atoms in graphene, Rachel now works with some of Europe’s most innovative consumer businesses.

During her time at Oliver Wyman, Rachel has demonstrated her ability, aptitude, enthusiasm for helping businesses solve their most difficult problems.

I may not be in a lab anymore, but I’m still using the skills I developed studying chemistry. My degree helped me develop my problem-solving abilities and when experiments went awry I learned valuable lessons in perseverance.

Rachel’s talents for analytics, data, and testing have been transferred to the work she does supporting senior leaders at her clients.

My role is to work with my clients to help them better articulate their complicated problems and then, through sophisticated analytical techniques, combined with a deep understanding of their business, identify a simple and elegant solution.

Having benefited from mentoring from the 30% Club, Rachel is now herself a mentor for the Girls’ Network, which aims to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a network of senior professional female role models.