Alexander Tall
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Alexander is a Consultant with the Actuarial Practice of Oliver Wyman living in New York. He provides actuarial consulting services to various insurance entities and organizations. As an expert in modeling, he adeptly utilizes actuarial modeling software as both a developer and end-user, with a focus on FIS Prophet, as well as model risk management, model validation, and model transformation/conversion efforts. 

I’ve had experience working with a wide range of modeling platforms. Having this broad exposure allows me to understand the big picture behind some of our larger conversion and transformation efforts.

Alexander helps clients understand risks and methodologies pertaining to life and annuity products, particularly traditional and interest-sensitive life products and reserving techniques. He also helps design and implement solutions using actuarial modeling software.

His actuarial modeling expertise and ability to jump between platforms and products make him a valuable resource for model conversion and transformation efforts. Thanks to his significant experience in model testing and validation, he has a deep understanding of the models’ inner workings, which is especially valued by his clients.

Honesty is key in consulting. Be honest with clients even when the truth is bad news – they’ll appreciate it in the long run.

One thing not everybody may know about Alex is that he used to be a career opera singer. Prior to returning to school to study mathematics and statistics, he had received classical musical training at Juilliard and Curtis Institute of Music - America’s most prestigious music conservatories - and performed professionally on stages throughout the US, Europe, and Japan for over a decade.