Patrick Daoust
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Patrick is a lumberjack, fisherman, maple syrup producer, handyman, soccer coach, kayaker, runner… and above all a passionate world-traveler.

After completing his engineering degree at INPG in France, he quickly established himself in the strategy consulting business. Patrick thrives on the fast-paced atmosphere and enjoys working to transform client organizations, something he has accomplished for over 20 years now.

I work directly with client leadership on their most strategic initiatives, with my core specialties being enterprise transformation via zero-based budgeting / zero-based organization and operating model redesign.

For Patrick, developing and maintaining client C-suite relationships that are based on mutual trust is at the center of his approach to strategy consulting. Leaders seek his advice on how to best transform their business, instilling efficiencies and refocusing their resources towards activities that count, driving growth and market differentiation to create a lasting impact.

We help identify sources of value hidden within the organization – our transformation approach is designed to be both engaging and collaborative, conserving an organization’s flexibility and adaptability, building on its strengths and its people.

Outside of Oliver Wyman, Patrick is a proud father of two daughters, he feels it is important to prioritize time with his family. In the not so distant future, one of his most cherished dreams is to become a winemaker, producing wine in an up-and-coming region of the world. He prefers to spend his time in-between his favorite countries with loved ones, as the people in his life are what is most important to him.