Oscar Pedrola

Principal - Communications, Media and Technology

Oscar joined the Communications, Media & Technology practice in Madrid in 2013 after completing a PhD in computer sciences from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and then spending more than five years as a researcher at EPFL in Switzerland and at Columbia University in New York. “Doing a PhD definitely prepared me to help our clients optimally exploit data through the use of the most advanced analytical technologies and ensure this translates into growth for their businesses,” he says.

I help clients understand and implement leading edge technologies and solutions to manage the value of their customer bases, radically transforming their existing operations.

Oscar advises leading telco operators, with a special focus on topline and network strategy, competitive dynamics, and value-based management topics. His value-based management projects have included transforming a leading European integrated telecom operator’s customer base management approach and operations, as well as designing and implementing a Next-Best-Action engine for a couple of leading operators in Europe and the Americas.

“Thanks to the implementation of new technologies and solutions, we have radically transformed our client’s customer base management operations and their organization,” says Oscar.