Moe Kelley
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With more than 20 years of consulting experience, Moe helps clients maximize the potential of rapidly evolving telecommunications and digital innovations such as fifth-generation wireless (5G), the Internet of Things, cloud and edge computing, and the devices, applications, and content that rely on these technologies.

Moe became interested in consulting early on in his career. "I worked in the cable industry, building out the first 2-way cable broadband networks, and was a client to consulting firms, which I found to be the most interesting and impactful part of my job,” says Moe. “After graduating from business school, I wanted to go into consulting but also stay focused on interesting and transformative technologies like broadband.” 

Be passionate about the topics you work on, be eager to learn the consulting toolkit, be hypothesis-driven; have fun.

Clients seek him out for assistance with strategic decision-making and structured problem solving, developing and implementing growth strategies, and the commercialization of new technologies across the connected digital world – broadband, wireless, consumer electronics, cloud computing, software, services, applications, and content. “I help clients make strategic decisions in the face of technology change and uncertainty,” he says.

Early on, Moe recognized the inevitable dominance of smartphones, which were too useful and convenient not to succeed. “I worked on the original MVNO (the first mobile virtual network operator) at its creation, and helped bring together cross-industry cooperation that allowed for cross-carrier SMS in the US,” he points out. “I also worked on product portfolio strategy with wireless operators and mobile device makers to help build the Android ecosystem.”

Today, he sees a similar transformation taking place in the world of electric and autonomous vehicles, as well new opportunities and challenges being created by 5G, low-earth orbit satellite broadband, edge computing, wearables, sensor networks, and other Internet of Things (IOT) innovations.

Someday, after hanging up his consultant’s gloves, he’d like to write, drawing on his experience. “I would love to write a book, potentially on strategy and technology change – but also possibly sci-fi or fantasy.”