Michele Paolo D'Angelo
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Prior to becoming a consultant, Michele spent seven years working in operations in the automotive industry covering different roles in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors.

Thanks to this professional background, Michele learned to manage consulting projects with a pragmatic approach. The actual feasibility of initiatives aimed at improving business performance is the basis of the solutions that Michele offers to his clients.

As a Partner, Michele supports private equity funds in the main phases of the investment cycle, including operational and commercial due diligence, identification of improvement initiatives, transformation programs, and exit support. He is sought out for his corporate performance improvement and transformation plan expertise, as well as his friendly nature and empathy.

One of Michele’s most meaningful projects was when his team supported a private equity portfolio company in the food industry on a performance improvement project. Bought two years prior, the company was affected by serious operational and strategic issues. Thanks to an EBITDA improvement plan focused on an optimization of operations, a rationalization of the product range, and a commercial development plan based on the opening of new markets abroad, the value of the company doubled within a year.

Being in connection with a network of people with different cultures and skills can really make the difference for your continuous improvement and meaningful achievements in consulting.

To those entering the industry, Michele’s advice is to know yourself and how to leverage your own strengths, noting that in private equity consulting especially, it’s critical to not just be a thinker, but actually make things happen.