Michaël Métaireau
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Michaël Métaireau is based in the Paris office and is known for driving long-lasting impact within his global work.

He has a strong technical background and is recognized as an expert in problem prevention and problem-solving for international organizations. Michaël has helped many clients with product development, process optimization, and warranty issues throughout his 12 years in consulting. 

Working across the automotive, aerospace, energy, railway, and manufacturing industries, he has become knowledgeable on various technologies used across sectors. He actively aids executives and senior leaders by using advanced data analytics to support their efforts to improve product reliability and process effectiveness within their businesses.

I look forward to advising our clients on how to achieve excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and quality within their organization. It is extremely rewarding to help them implement drastic changes to their operations and company culture that result in a strong competitive advantage for their business.

Michaël enjoys working alongside the hands-on experts in the Oliver Wyman Engineers team. This group aims to help business leaders bridge the gap between the management view and the engineering view on problems, ultimately leading them to greater success in crisis management, technical problem solving, advanced manufacturing, and quality management. Aside from his regular consulting work, Michaël also takes time to encourage others by training his teammates in the industry. Throughout his career, he has supported hundreds of engineers who aim to grow their skillset. He finds the opportunity to transfer knowledge, explain concepts, and expand on personal experiences extremely gratifying.

I know our team is well equipped to support any kind of problem-solving an organization may need. I have the utmost confidence that we can continually drive long-lasting success for our clients so that they can keep on developing new technologies and launching new products.

A future goal of Michaël's is to support entrepreneurs - helping them launch their business and bring their inventions to life, while providing guidance along every aspect of the startup process.

Michaël received his degree in engineering from INSA Strasbourg.