Matt Zafra

Principal - Health & Life Sciences, Asia Pacific
Matt is a Principal based in Singapore, and part of the Health and Life Sciences practice in Asia Pacific. He has a BA and MA from Stanford University in Anthropology and Sociology, and has over 10 years’ experience in healthcare and tech across Asia, Europe, and the US.
I have been in healthcare consulting both at Mercer and at Oliver Wyman. What inspires me about working in this field is how we deliver real impact for our clients – and healthcare has the unique ability to bring both financial and social impact upside. We live and work in diverse markets with many different healthcare needs – there is a big job to be done in Asia, and that makes every day an opportunity to transform lives.

Matt is the lead for Oliver Wyman’s health insurance activities in the region, but has led many projects across consumer health, life sciences, digital health, provider, and private equity. He has a functional focus on strategy and corporate development, ecosystem partnerships, and organizational effectiveness.