Martin Pong

Senior Consultant
Martin is a leader in our LGBT+ network who is passionate about building inclusion in the workplace.

Martin gives a voice to those who are not able to be open about their lives and experiences, and those who live in cultures where being openly LGBT+ isn’t safe.

It’s no surprise that Martin was named in the Financial Times as an EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leader 2018 and was placed among the Top 10 Role Models.

I always try to bring inclusion and diversity topics into conversations with clients to help them think through some of these issues. I’m really proud that Oliver Wyman gives me the freedom to take the initiative, and shows how highly the firm still values entrepreneurialism, even when it’s not directly revenue-generating.

Having enjoyed a summer internship with us, once he’d completed his university degree in biochemistry Martin joined the Oliver Wyman team full-time. He is now a Senior Consultant focussed on supporting financial services companies, where some of his most interesting work has been delivering cutting-edge digital projects that will reshape the whole retail banking industry.

I joined Oliver Wyman because here there is no need to conform to a single idea of what a management consultant should be like.

When he’s not problem-solving for clients or creating more inclusive workplaces, Martin likes to kick back by planning holidays and exercising.