Laurent Guerry
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Laurent Guerry is a Partner who leads the Oliver Wyman’s Operations practice in the Middle-East. His work involves supporting clients in cost transformation programs to generate better operational performance and re-invent their operating models. This includes procurement, supply chain, manufacturing operations, and people efficiency.

Every industry sector across the globe comes with its unique set of challenges, so it’s really important to take time to understand the context for individual clients. If you invest time into building the relationship, particularly around trust, it gives you a far better foundation from which you can solve complex problems together.

One of Laurent’s key areas is partnering with clients to improve cost effectiveness. Here he helps them set priorities and develop the most effective levers to make changes happen, plus transfer methodologies, tools, and know-how to clients teams for a lasting impact . He has successfully brought private sectors best practices into the public sector, or transferred advanced methodologies from cost-driven industries to other players, and made them work despite radically different environments.

Client’s organizations tend to work in silos and are sometimes cautious about taking the more innovative path. Nowadays artificial intelligence-powered tools can help us make significant cost-transformation breakthroughs. It is really exciting to see how technology can help us tackle problems both broadly and deeply.