Kaushik Panchal
Senior Creative Director
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Kaushik is a senior creative director based in the Oliver Wyman Studio project in New York. He is an accomplished user experience design leader, having worked across mobile, TV, and web for some of the most notable brands in the world. Collaboration, design thinking, prototyping, and leadership are core components of his innovative product creation process. 

Defining the problem is an important part of figuring out a solution and having clarity of vision. There are some questions that need to be posed and answered again and again throughout the product development process to make sure your product or services are on target. What are we building? Why are we building it? Who are we building it for? When you can answer these questions with confidence you will be on the right track to making something valuable and innovative.

Kaushik brings his expertise in design thinking as a strategic tool to the Oliver Wyman Studio, which helps identify deep business and end-user needs. Combined with Oliver Wyman industry expertise, this collaboration delivers new opportunities and innovations for clients. 

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Kaushik was the Senior Design Director at Intersection, where he led strategic plans and digital and physical design projects to connect devices, data, and digital services with the build environment for cities, districts, retail, and transport. 

If you want to innovate, stop reading tech blogs and start looking around at people's most basic needs and make those better. Those needs represent big markets that can change the culture of our society. By creating real people-centered innovation, you have the possibility of creating products and services that people will eventually be unable to imagine the world without.