Katherine Schade

Katherine's focus and ability to multi-task mean she is one of Oliver Wyman's top problem-solvers: she digs straight to the heart of a challenge, exploring every avenue to find the best resolution.

As an Associate, Katherine spends time listening to and working closely with clients to best understand the problems they are facing. She and her team then build a structured solution, going deep into detail:

I love the initial stages of a project when the team is trying to identify the heart of a problem. No matter how nebulous a question seems at first, once you dive in, there is always a tangible question at its root and, therefore, an actionable answer.

At college Katherine worked with the New Hampshire state legislature, conducting research projects. Structuring, researching, and presenting the findings of these questions were responsibilities that are mirrored closely in the work she does today.

Since starting with Oliver Wyman Katherine has worked with bond insurers, banks and a large global IHC. She takes a genuine pride in seeing the effects of her work in action:

The first project I worked on was for a large transportation client struggling to cleanly execute their operations during poor weather conditions. The following winter I found an article applauding their improved performance, especially in comparison to key competitors. Knowing that our work had a material impact on not only the company, but also their customers, was an amazing feeling.