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Known for her creativity, innovation, and optimistic outlook, Kajal brings expertise in policy-making and financial regulation to global clients. Prior to joining the London office as a consultant, Kajal worked for the Bank of England for two and a half years, with a six-month secondment to the JBC.

While working beside an Oliver Wyman team in her previous role, she became enthralled with the commitment to problem-solving and variety that a consulting career offered. “Everyone I met before, during, and after the recruitment process as well as since joining, has been intelligent, driven, and welcoming,” she says. “I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring people and work alongside them every day solving challenging problems.”

I joined Oliver Wyman for three key reasons: the people, the growing public sector and policy practice and the strength and expertise in financial services, and the inclusive culture and commitment to inclusion and diversity.

A career turning point for Kajal was finding a mentor who helped her realize the value she could add and the importance of sharing her views. This helped her boost her confidence and lose the imposter syndrome that she began feeling as one of the youngest people on her team and the only woman of color. “I re-framed my outlook and actively tried to share alternative perspectives with my team as well as creating a culture that was more inclusive for everyone around me.  I always seek to add value and eagerly seize every opportunity to grow,” she says. This even inspired her to set up her own mentoring program, aiming to provide visible role models to those after her.

Passionate about diversity and social mobility, Kajal recently founded Divercity, a non-profit organization committed to championing diversity in finance and consulting. Under Divercity, she leads mentoring programs connecting university students with young professionals, with more than 250 participants across 60+ companies, 40+ universities, and seven countries. Her significant contributions to I&D earned her a spot on the 2021 EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List.

To those entering consulting, Kajal’s advice is three-fold: Be open minded and resilient, build your network, and remember your value-add. A naturally outgoing person, Kajal spends her time away from her desk going to brunch with friends, organizing trips, and meeting new people. “I also love exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and learning new languages – I speak 5 languages  and have visited 35 countries so far, hoping to add more to the list soon!”