Kaja Pergar
Engagement Manager
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Kaja came to Oliver Wyman after completing her Master's in Physics. With a strong technical background and a knack for problem solving, she dives deep into the core of problems to find the most relevant solutions.

Now an Engagement Manager in the Financial Services practice, Kaja helps clients identify gaps in their current operating models and then implement changes to perform better. Describing her role, she says, “I work closely with all levels at the client site, bringing them along the journey of developing innovative strategies, implementing enhanced operational systems, and helping set new cultural standards.”

Kaja finds true joy in the “unexpected intrusions of beauty in nature,” and as such is committed to preserving the natural landscape. In her lifetime, she’s already seen drastic changes to some of her favorite spots. 

I’ve increasingly started to notice negative impacts of human behavior on nature – most vividly when scuba diving the same coral reefs for over 15 years, I’ve noticed the deterioration of corals and the decrease in the diversity of species.

Kaja believes that sustainability will become a part of almost every conversation going forward. “We’ll need to be ready to facilitate from the truly strategic to the most tactical journeys and be at the forefront of sustainability thought leadership throughout,” she says. 

Companies are only one of the stakeholders that can help stop climate change, but one with a much wider reach than individuals. Companies should take this opportunity to make an impact, to drive positive change, to help society shift its mindset, to help the planet.

One of the greatest challenges, she predicts, will be convincing companies to go on the journey wholeheartedly - “to not just make small operational changes to appease stakeholders, but to try to be the enablers of a transition to a more sustainable tomorrow.”

Outside of her role at Oliver Wyman, Kaja has participated efforts to help Slovenia join the Antarctica Treaty and enable Slovenian scientists to further research in Antarctica.