Jim Dodsworth

Associate Director - Organizational Effectiveness

Jim is an Associate Director within Oliver Wyman's Organizational Effectiveness practice. He has spent the last 20 years working with senior teams across a broad range of companies to help them align around fundamental business decisions.

Having worked with a large number of organizations across many industries, I’ve realised that people are a major reason why things succeed or fail. Some of the best ideas never come to fruition because the organization at large has not been taken on the journey. I love helping leaders make that connection.

Jim is an experienced business change consultant specializing in the people aspects of complex transformation programs. He has led global change programs and has delivered over 100 design thinking events in both the public and private sector. He excels in working with diverse stakeholder groups and using collaboration techniques to drive ownership.

As a keen runner I love to explore the limits of what I can achieve. I bring the same approach to my work to help clients accomplish difficult things be that through one to one coaching or interventions with hundreds of people. I’m inherently interested in people; what makes them tick and how they become enthused by particular ideas. Helping them look differently at problems is what gets me up in the morning.