Jeremy Sporn

North America Retail & Consumer Goods Practice Leader

Jeremy is a Partner at Oliver Wyman, and leads our Retail & Consumer Goods Practice in North America, with most of his work focusing on global consumer packaged goods, apparel & footwear clients.  He advises his clients on a range of topics, including pricing, sales & marketing effectiveness, mergers, acquisitions and integration, and organizational transformation.


The retail and consumer goods business is changing rapidly and clients are working tirelessly to reorient their business and their people to engage with consumers differently than they have in the past. I get excited about helping clients adapt their business to be successful in this new environment, and helping them along that journey.

For Jeremy a continuous focus on learning and listening is what makes the best consultants and leads to the best outcomes for clients:

I’ve always felt that the best consultants were always learning, seeking new information and asking great questions because they really sought to gather a deep understanding of the individual, the client, and the industry. To be an effective consultant to is help your clients through challenging circumstances where the answer isn’t obvious and the organizational resistance potentially strong. You first have to listen hard before you can offer good advice.

And he enjoys working in teams – both with his clients and with Oliver Wyman project teams:

I love working together with a small group of highly talented and hard-working people from different backgrounds and with different approaches, but with one priority – delivering outstanding work for our client. People who work with me know I often say that consulting is a team sport - I always knew that my time on the high school baseball and soccer teams would prove useful in my professional career.