Dr. Heiko Rauscher
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Heiko, who is based in our Munich office, has been consulting with automotive companies, as well as large-scale industrial goods manufacturers, since 1995. Most of his projects address the issues concerning production, logistics, and purchasing – defining strategies, developing and implementing operational improvement programs, and enhancing organizations for lasting impact.

My clients appreciate my focus on strong and sustainable results in production and logistics as well as purchasing. Achieving impact on a global level requires strategic thinking, a good sense for pragmatic implementation, and the ability to collaborate well with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Fluent in German, English, and Mandarin Chinese, Heiko has worked in many different countries throughout his career. He lived in China for more than a decade, building up and leading two companies as a CEO. It was an experience that shaped and deepened his understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders today.

My global clients’ operations face a wide-ranging set of challenges: frequently changing customer demand, the introduction of new technologies, tightening government regulations, rising cost levels, and increasing competitive pressure. As a result, their operations must simultaneously be fast and flexible, as well as efficient and sustainable.

Heiko holds a Master of Science in Engineering & Management from Karlsruhe University, and a PhD degree in Business Administration from Frankfurt am Main University.

He likes to get out and enjoy the outdoors, especially the rigors of reaching mountain summits in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, whether on foot or ski.

It is important that CEOs, COOs, and CPOs fully understand the opportunities and success factors in all major regions. Based on that, they can achieve strategic improvements of their operations as to cost, delivery, and quality.