Harvey Weinberg

Partner Financial Services
Harvey is one of life's problems solvers. Using his extensive industry experience and highly analytical mind, Harvey prides himself on bringing structure to chaos.

Harvey not only tackles the problems and issues at the heart of a project, but assists in developing the management's capability to work together effectively on a range of issues they’ll face as a team. For him, it's crucial that a client feels confident in his experience, knowledge and integrity.


Ultimately, it comes down to trust. This demands knowledge of the topic area, but equally important is the confidence of the client that we will employ our best and unbiased analysis and judgment in developing recommendations, all the while keeping the client’s interests above our own.

Harvey has over 30 years of consulting experience, all dedicated to the financial services industry conducting assignments for commercial banks, insurance companies and finance companies. His clients include New York money center banks and leading retail banks across the United States.

Continually learning and developing knowledge and skills is an important part of Harvey's life; for him, every experience is a chance to learn something new, that he can transfer to his professional practices:

I have been heavily involved in the leadership and management of my synagogue for nearly twenty years. As a non-profit with no outside source of funds, I have learned valuable lessons about maintaining fiscal discipline, while meeting the multiple needs of our congregants in an evolving community.