Gökhan Öztürk
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Gökhan is a partner in our Digital and Financial Services practices, where his role is to advise institutions on how to get the maximum value out of their technology investments. His work involves setting the vision and ambition for organizations, as well as bringing business and technology functions together to deliver technology modernization programs. Wherever technology is involved, he collaborates with customers to deliver outstanding value to their businesses.

Companies are facing more urgent and complex issues, therefore there’s a huge focus on generating the most value possible from technology investments. Our teams are focused on efficiency and innovation. We really encourage our people to think profoundly about how technology can be used at the heart of making better business decisions.

Gökhan grew up in Istanbul and studied in the United States. Over the course of his twenty-plus years in the industry, he has advised banks in numerous geographies on how to leverage technology and apply best practices to achieve tangible improvements. A key piece of advice Gökhan often offers to the business leaders he collaborates with is simple: invest in your culture and upskill your people. 

I’m a firm believer that technological innovation is the biggest contributor of where we are now. We are moving very quickly toward an intelligence-era, where technology will play an even greater role and will be integrated more than ever into business decisions. We must use this power wisely, weighing up all potential risks, as well as being cognizant of ethics and the negative impact of disruption.
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