Franc Verhage

Principal - Retail & Consumer Goods
Franc, who is based in Amsterdam, brings with him more than a decade of experience supporting Retail and Consumer clients in building and enhancing their commercial capabilities.

Much of his work typically covers commercial areas, such as route-to-market strategies, pricing strategies, pack-price architecture, promotion effectiveness, commercial-spend allocation, and trade spend management. “My background in econometrics provides me with a sound analytical basis while being able to understand the business aspect. Early on in my career, I was able to further enhance my analytical capabilities, which has been of great use in my work as consultant.”

I’ve only been at Oliver Wyman now for 1.5 years, but I was quickly convinced to join the firm after considering all the opportunities. The mix of top-tier consulting, the analytical (almost academic) approach combined with the great culture in Amsterdam provides a unique opportunity to continue the learning curve.

The sector faces a great many challenges. “There’s a lot happening in the retailer industry—Discounters gaining market share, the “Amazon threat”, online channel emergence—that puts additional pressure on Retailer margins,” says Franc. “To reduce sourcing costs, retailers are combining volumes across borders or through joint purchasing agreements with other retailers.” This will provide a great opportunity for retailers, but on the other side a major risk for CPG manufacturers: up to 20 percent of their revenues may be at risk. It will require CPG manufacturers to have a clear pricing strategy across markets and channels, something that is currently lacking.

Beyond just a good business outcome, Franc has found it gratifying to see his work have an impact on lives. “Working shoulder-to-shoulder alongside our clients, I’ve been able to build lasting relationships. I still meet regularly with many of the people I’ve worked with, which goes beyond pure business talk.”