Emma is a specialist in Oliver Wyman's climate and sustainability platform and manager at Lippincott, the firm’s brand and innovation specialists.

With expertise in sustainability branding and designing sustainable customer solutions, Emma has worked for clients spanning retail, tech, finance, hospitality, and more.

Reading Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think led to Emma’s initial excitement and interest in sustainability. It taught her to focus on humanity’s greatest opportunity, not its greatest problem. “The investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, are the ones that turn climate change into business opportunities today,” she says.

Sustainable products should not be an option. They should be the default. We need sustainable innovations that are better than the non-sustainable alternatives. They should be accessible for everyone. Not just premium products, in Whole Foods, only available for the conscious elite.

Emma is now an active speaker on sustainability, speaking on topics ranging from Sustainability Nudging to Impact Investing and NextGen activism. For instance, at SPC Advance in Denver, she spoke to 2000 industry professionals about how to nudge consumers to buy sustainable products. “The energy and interest to reinvent systems and offer customer-centric green solutions was impeccable,” she recalls.

Emma is a firm believer that sustainability should be incorporated in businesses' core strategy, rather than a philanthropic side-activity. 

If 5% of your efforts goes to ‘doing good’, then what is the other 95% doing?

Some of Emma’s independent research work includes how meditation can make you more creative, on which she was published in Harvard Business Review. Prior to joining Lippincott, Emma was involved in brand and innovation projects at Unilever, Accenture, Asics, Coty, and TomTom. She holds a BA in International Business Administration and an MSc in Management of Innovation at The Rotterdam School of Management.

To anyone under the age of 35 reading this, please let your voice be heard. In boardrooms, on conferences, to your client, or to your management. We are the next generation and are the designers of our future. Speak out for bad practices and stand up for what’s right.