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Elya Mamleeva
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Based in Singapore, Elya is a principal in Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services Practice.

With more than 18 years of experience in senior roles across the industry, Elya has advised leading players on various topics. These include strategy development, digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and new market entry, with a particular focus on retail and SME business banking.

Before joining Oliver Wyman, Elya led strategic and new business development for some of the largest financial groups in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Financial services firms worldwide must continually adapt to challenging macroeconomic factors and fast-changing environments. I find joy and meaning in helping our clients navigate these changes to expand their business, develop new products, and build new partnerships

Elya collaborates with her team to craft enjoyable experiences for her clients’ customers. She believes in the vital importance of fearless creativity, continuous experimentation, and not relying excessively on existing templates and processes.

Elya holds an Executive MBA from IMD. Outside of work, she enjoys running, cycling, seeking new adventures through travel, and appreciating good food.