Dominik Käfer
Partner and EMEA Co-Lead Anti-Financial Crime
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Dominik is a partner in our Finance and Risk Practice and the EMEA Co-Head of our Anti-Financial Crime Platform. His expertise allows him to understand the changing nature of the challenges experienced by banks and the need for clients to be as flexible and efficient as possible which requires technological innovation and better teaming across the industry.

Dominik started his career as a certified banker and this has given him a genuine understanding of the challenges experienced by bank employees and of the importance of earning and maintaining the trust of banking clients. 

I understand the daily challenges of a bank employee but also see the risks and opportunities coming with innovation, globalization and new business models.

Following his work as a banker, Dominik spent years working in a global risk management role at a major international bank. He has managed the delivery of global strategies, business impact analyses and operating model implementations across multiple business areas, jurisdictions and legal entities of global Tier 1 organizations with significant US exposure. This has perfectly positioned Dominik to advise both private and public sector clients on how to protect their future revenue.

His focus is now on anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance, as well as digital compliance, non-financial risk and the operationalization of new business strategies. He has worked as Lead Partner on the strategic Anti-Fraud Target Operating Model definition of a leading EMEA Bank as well as on several Anti-Fraud benchmarking and Operational Transition Programs.

Dominik is based in our Frankfurt office.

Anti-Financial Crime capabilities in the wider sense will be a decisive factor in whether an institution will survive the next regulatory storm or actual attacks by well organized criminals.