David Waller
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David Waller is a Partner and leads on Data Science and Analytics for Oliver Wyman Digital. He leads projects that utilize advanced statistical and machine learning methods to solve the challenging analytical problems that lie at the heart of modern business. David specializes in implementing solutions to especially thorny computational problems where scale and efficiency can present key obstacles to traditional approaches.

David enjoys immersing himself in the latest technologies and methods from the data scientific community, and finding applications for ideas from adjacent domains such as physics to today’s toughest business problems. He will happily discuss ‘Big Data’ topics – but only if he’s allowed to avoid calling it ‘big data.’

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman Digital, David was a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Retail and Consumer Goods Practice. His retail expertise centers around working with large firms to improve their businesses, using cutting-edge analytics as the ‘secret sauce' for making better decisions. His experience spans the retail gamut, from merchandising and marketing through to store operations.

David spent a year in New Zealand working as a winemaker and studying winemaking and viticulture. Not surprisingly, he adores molecular gastronomy and has been known to spend hours in the kitchen perfecting – and occasionally ruining – a new dish.

David studied at Harvard College and at MIT.