Christine Oumansour
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Meet Christine, a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Energy and Operations practices, where she focuses on market economics, capital program design, and execution with a view to maximizing value and developing resilient as well as sustainable strategies. She brings broad and deep experience to her work, having served electric and gas utilities, as well as oil & gas companies across the US, Canada, and the Middle East. 

The most rewarding aspect of my work is being part of a trusted team, curating the various perspectives of the players and driving insight. Knowing that clients place their trust in us on strategic challenges is both motivating and intensely challenging.

When supporting energy companies in planning and executing capital programs, she believes that the decision to deploy billions of dollars in capital is a unique and oftentimes fraught experience. Without proper advisory, planning, and oversight, these programs can quickly go off the rails.

In her view, there is little else that can compare to participating in a major energy project, from the earliest stage to completion, which is complimented by her enjoyment of the beauty of a large energy or infrastructure asset while it is being built. Early on in her career, Christine worked on several projects to bring green power into a major metropolitan hub. As construction progressed, she began spending time in the field, enabling her to recognize how strategies and recommendations were being implemented. In addition to learning so much more from the team on the ground than she did from being in the office, Christine found it rewarding to see first-hand how her team's work drove impact and hard value to a client’s bottom line.

My team’s job is to roll up our sleeves and investigate from every angle—from initial planning, economic, risk, and other considerations, through performance and execution. We leave no stone unturned in unlocking value.

Christine believes that the Energy industry is multifaceted and rapidly evolving. There is a constant evolution of the traditional natural monopoly model in the North American electricity industry, driven not only by deregulation, but also by technology enablement and social and cultural trends. With that, Christine takes pride in advising clients on how to pursue initiatives that create value and drive costs, while thinking strategically about how they can shape the future of the industry.