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Trained as an actuary, Bryce values the discipline and mathematical proficiency of the profession, but is also interested in highly technical work and revels in writing elegant, complex, and powerful computer programs. He has practical technical skill in many diverse environments and coding languages including web and application development, database management, predictive modeling, R, and Python.

My role at Oliver Wyman is the culmination of years of learning and tinkering to develop a unique set of skills and tools. Now I’m able to live my passion for using data to tell stories and inform decisions by building apps for our clients.

At Oliver Wyman, Bryce leads actuarial business-intelligence application design and development. He is passionate about building actionable insights and engaging narrative from complex datasets using analytics and data visualization, delivered through user-friendly applications. “I help with all things app related. This includes coming up with ideas about how to solve business problems using applications, estimating project effort and cost, and executing project plans that result in user-friendly applications on the web,” he notes. 

I predict that companies will continue to struggle to leverage their data through user-friendly and secure applications. At the same time, the value of insights will increase as data gets more complete and competitors get a better handle on their data.

By building a team and technology stack that is completely flexible, Bryce has allowed his clients to build the apps they’ve been dreaming about, but previously were not able to create through regular channels and tools.

Bryce has been involved in analytics for over 11 years, in both actuarial and non-actuarial technical roles. Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, he worked in health insurance with a national and large-group actuarial team and in corporate wellness in various technical and actuarial roles. He has completed the rigorous testing and credentialing process of the Society of Actuaries and is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries. 

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