Becca Gray
Lead Software Engineer
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Based in New York, Becca’s role is leading global engineering teams that build high-quality digital products across our industry verticals. Her job also involves developing new external relationships with clients and partner firms. She brings 10 years of experience architecting software solutions, building solid teams, and ensuring that we help our clients achieve breakthroughs.

Diversity is the driving force behind innovation and that’s what keeps me engaged. Each project is a new real-world problem to solve collaboratively across disciplines, feeding both my enthusiasm and growth. I love working with a creative team to design and build digital products that can generate a lot of value.

Becca spent most of her engineering career at young startups, from online gaming, to business-to-business e-commerce, and fintech. Aside from her office life, Becca has spent time working as a professional fine artist, painting and sculpting portraits and landscapes in the United States and Europe. She’s also a leader on our corporate inclusion and diversity team, helping guide our vision to recruit and nurture diverse engineering talent. Becca has two great kids and loves to share her passions for sailing, climbing, and drawing with them.

She brings enthusiasm, creativity, and a love of collaborative problem solving to everything she does.

The people we share our daily lives and work with enable us to reach higher and achieve more. I’m so fortunate to be able to craft teams of diverse, brilliant people who enrich every day. Together we achieve great things!