I grew up and went to undergrad in California, so moving to New York was a turning point for me! It's been new and exciting, and I am able to learn from a wide variety of clients here without ever leaving New York!

Ashley joined Oliver Wyman directly from Stanford University, where she majored in economics and psychology.  She’s currently at the Oliver Wyman Studio, where she has been supporting the team in creating a new digital “financial wellness” solution for one of the largest global life insurers. 

“The Studio has been such a great learning experience. Here, we use design thinking and co-creative approaches to solving clients problems, which I believe has changed the types of solutions—and impact—we are able to offer our clients,” she notes. “We try to not only solve a consumer's functional needs, but social and emotional needs as well—which are often times ignored in traditional contexts. In return, the solutions we build for clients are more compelling!”

Within the firm, Ashley has been actively involved in recruiting, specifically within RED communities. She recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” panel for black students to learn and ask questions about her experience at Oliver Wyman. 

In the future, Ashley hopes to become an entrepreneur. “I've always been very interested and excited by the direct to consumer industry, specifically within consumer retail, and eventually want to start my own company!”