Antonios Christidis
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Antonios is an Athens-based Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Organizational Effectiveness practice. Over the last 20 years he has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies across five continents in helping them to build better strategies and create sustainable transformation. 

I am fascinated about understanding how people make decisions, especially during critical situations. For this reason, I love to study history. It’s the field that enables me to examine situations in context and assess the decisions made over time. It's also why I pursue a career focused on helping companies and people make positive changes.

His work has a broad scope across multiple industry sectors with a special emphasis on financial services and energy, in areas such as corporate governance, organization design, and creating new incentive plans. One of his key interests is showing firms the benefits of taking a more data-driven approach to talent management to improve the environment in which decisions are made.

I passionately believe that empowering people leads to great outcomes. This requires transparency and treating others with respect. It’s so easy to say, but sometimes so difficult to achieve due to our own unconscious biases and insecurities. At Oliver Wyman, we strive to help our clients see things from a different perspective and achieve positive change together for the many.