Anshu Vats
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As a Partner in the Public Sector and Policy practice, Anshu advises senior regional government, defense, and commerce leaders.

His expertise spans national economic development policies, country competitiveness, national capacity, and capability building, though his primary focus is on the realization of benefits from nation-building efforts of governments.

Anshu credits his early experience in teaching and FinTech start-up roots with instilling a desire for social impact with transparency as a primary requirement in his career. “Unlike many of my classmates, I didn’t choose consulting for a quick skill boost to eventually go into an industry, I came to consulting for good,” he says. “In my view consulting was, and still is, the only profession that offered broad impact with full transparency. 25 years of consulting later, I haven’t looked back.”

An advantage of working in the public sector policy space is that impact, when realized, is generational and widely felt. It has been a very fulfilling professional outcome for me — whether it was optimizing tax systems of the country, or working on the foreign direct investment, or developing the local workforce or focusing on localization of industries.

A major motivator for Anshu is seeing the impact the firm’s work has on the economies and the industry competitiveness. “I strive towards finding the balance between economic and social prosperity,” he says, noting that addressing future challenges — like equitable wealth distribution, climate change, and shifting geopolitical equations — will involve rethinking the traditional policy infrastructure in most countries. “This presents the greatest challenge and an opportunity to our client governments.” 

As we head into a capricious new era of tumult and upheaval of global, economic, and social order — old rules won’t hold. Innovative top-down and ground-up thinking to develop highly specific remedies for economies and societies will be required.

In addition to his consulting skills, Anshu can code. “I can quickly dive into software if required at short notice, although I think COBOL, C, and FORTRAN are probably low in demand,” he notes.

Anshu’s advice to professionals entering the field is to make sure they have the right motivations going in. “I seek only two motivations for consultants to be successful — to either eventually own a part of the firm and become a partner or become a captain of the industry/government,” he says. “Consulting is a very demanding career — join this profession knowing that the sacrifices you make will be well compensated in terms of skills that will allow you realize your aspirations.”

Offline, Anshu is passionate about Maori and Aboriginal causes in New Zealand and Australia. “I spent a chunk of my early life teaching aboriginal youth in Redfern, NSW. I was also a teacher at Massey University in New Zealand — deep interest in youth education and development come naturally as a much-desired avenue of diverting energies to.”