Ann Elise DeBelina
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An Associate with the firm’s Climate and Sustainability platform, Ann Elise brings experience in climate and sustainability operational improvement, project management, new product introductions, market development, sales operations, and financial and technical modeling across the power and water sector. 

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Ann Elise earned her MBA and joined GE Power’s Accelerated Leadership Program, leading global teams in four different product lines over three years.  She also spent four years in an environmental consulting role for Environmental Resources Management, where she supported global operational efficiency and energy reduction programs. 

Ann Elise first entered the climate and sustainability space during undergrad, when she studied environmental engineering and was involved with a variety of energy and climate change efforts. Early on, she was drawn to the practical and technical side of developing and scaling clean energy solutions.

When the topic of climate is framed from the perspective of addressing existential business risks or capitalizing on market changes and consumer demand to pursue new opportunities, it can be a distinct and powerful competitive advantage.

At Oliver Wyman, Ann Elise has worked on developing our climate offerings, which articulate a step-by-step approach to achieve develop industrial systems solutions to reach carbon neutrality.  “It has been satisfying to connect the dots between the GHG inventory work I did early in my career, which are the building blocks for any climate program, to the strategy work we are currently doing for major energy, utilities and consumer products companies to address climate risks and opportunities,” she notes.

Outside of her client work, Ann Elise works with a local small business mentoring organization to raise awareness on Houston’s Climate Action. She became involved in several service-based projects addressing the impacts of natural disasters in business school and has since served in Puerto Rico to develop more sustainable business models to support the island’s recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. 

“While my day to day work looks at the role companies can take to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change, there are numerous grassroots, community organizations empowering communities to improve sustainability and resiliency to natural disasters that are a critical part of the broader climate solution,” she notes. “We need energy and ideas from all areas to make meaningful, positive, and sustainable change."