Andrew Perry
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Having spent over a decade at the forefront of the transformation in the Energy sector, Andrew brings a deep understanding of commercial, policy, regulatory, and economic perspectives to Oliver Wyman’s Energy practice.

He has led a wide variety of projects in the industry, spanning growth strategies, clean energy strategies, and new market entries, to commercial due diligences and leadership transition.  

Andrew’s work in the Energy Transition first began in the UK Government, where he led teams in developing policy in smart grids and the renewable integration. “This got me involved with what were then poorly understood technology areas like electric vehicle charging, demand-side response and electricity storage,” he notes.

The Energy Transition is changing the industry as we know it, and I take pride in solving complex challenges and building motivated teams to help clients succeed, understanding that we may need to pivot our solutions along the way.

Later, he became a founding member of a clean-tech start-up in the demand-side response space. There, he helped to develop a new technology platform to shift electricity demand of customers, and even set up their own B2B electricity supply business. “It’s been a fascinating journey to see how these early-stage technologies and ideas have developed over time to now be mainstream and essential parts of our energy transition,” he notes.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of future strategic decision-making and will be a pre-requisite for successful and leading companies over the next decade. It will be what customers ask for, what employees will join (and stay) for, and a major factor when investors are entrusting their funds.

Throughout his career, Andrew has witnessed major shifts in business models and technologies in the energy space. “Beyond the move to renewables and increased electrification, the very structure of the industry has changed with utility players moving away from an all-purpose approach to focus on more specific areas,” he says. “At the same time there has been an influx of small challenger players and new technology start-ups, and we are just starting to see the mass transition of major oil and gas players into clean energy, which will continue over the next 10 years.”

Changing trade dynamics and geopolitical issues are resulting in Energy companies becoming less driven by their capabilities and more by their investor profiles, making it more important than ever to consider how much risk they are willing to take.

Outside of the London office, Andrew is a creative soul who loves to paint, write, and make music, now largely applying his talents to drawing cartoons for his daughter to color in. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Economics and a MSc in Public Policy from University College London.