Alina Timofeeva
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Alina is a Principal at Oliver Wyman’s Digital Practice in London. She is a multi-award-winning expert on digital transformation and innovation, focusing on the topics of cloud, data, and risk management, and a frequent speaker at conferences. Recently, she gave a TEDx talk "Fail But Never Give Up", where she shared her biggest failure and what motivated her to keep going.

Our generation was taught to hide failures out of fear of humiliation. But when we bury our stories about failures, we miss out on a valuable opportunity for growth.

Alina grew up in a poor family in post-Soviet Russia, raised to believe that the only career path for her was becoming a housewife – but she had always felt that there was more in her cards. She focused on her education and career, showing enormous determination and perseverance, and ultimately achieved success.

The only thing that limits us in this world is our own idea of who we are. It is you and only you who decides how to take this forward.

Alina is driven by her desire to help make the digital space safe, fair, and customer-centric, which is particularly important in the post-pandemic new normal. Among her clients are financial services leaders such as JPMorgan, HSBC, and Credit Suisse. Before joining Oliver Wyman, she worked with leading consulting firms, where she had been promoted four times in just four years – a significant achievement in the male-dominated tech industry. 

Your background or family circumstances do not matter. You yourself decide what you are worthy of.

As an immigrant who had experienced poverty, discrimination, and gender bias in the past, Alina actively gives back to the community, supporting people of diverse cultural and social backgrounds through non-profit mentoring, talks, and podcasts. In her motivational talks, she underlines the power of action and self-confidence. She believes that everybody can be successful and deserves to be represented.

Alina is especially drawn to supporting women in technology, people from humble backgrounds, and immigrants, whom she helps to minimise cultural differences and adapt to a new environment. Her goal is to inspire them to become their own sources of positive mindset and develop into leadership positions.

Failure is an opportunity to grow. Be grateful for difficult moments, learn from your mistakes, and make your dreams come true.