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  • Harvard Business Review Arabia: Davide Taliente on how multinationals can adapt to the the 'new world order'

    Davide Taliente, Managing Partner EMEA writes in Harvard Business Review Arabia about how political sentiment has turned against globalization and the political and economic policies that promoted it – and what multinational corporations can do to adapt to this new world order.

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    The original version of the article can be read in the English edition here.

    September 2017

  • Harvard Business Review Arabia: Paul Beswick on how businesses can keep pace with digital upstarts

    How do companies redesign and rebuild major infrastructure while keeping day-to-day operations going on?

    Paul Beswick, Global Head of Oliver Wyman Labs, and Global co-Head of Oliver Wyman's Digital Practice provides an instructive analogy on addressing the challenge.

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    The original version of the article can be read in the English edition here.

    September 2017

  • CommsMEA: Rafa Asensio on the cost of the increased performance of 5G networks

    With revenues from voice services seeing a decline, telecom operators must consider new strategies to truly be able to capitalise on the potential of 5G.

    Rafa Asensio, Partner and Global Head of Communications, Media and Technology outlines three main courses of action that could help fix the problem.

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    July 2017 

  • Aviation Business: Jeff Youssef of the Public Sector practice on how airport privatisation can boost economic growth

    Jeff Youssef writes in Aviation Business about Oliver Wyman report "Leveraging the Private Sector to Boost Airport Infrastructure". The opinion piece documents why privatisation could be the answer for service improvement and expansion of airports and also highlights the four elements of a successful privatisation.

    Aviation Business is a monthly publication that serves as a comprehensive guide to aviation business news and industries in the Middle East.

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    June 2017

  • In Arabian Oil and Gas: Bruno Sousa from the MEA Energy practice outlines Oliver Wyman’s Five Steps towards achieving sustainable cost optimisation in the Oil and Gas industry

    Bruno Sousa, Principal in the Energy practice , writes in ‘Arabian Oil and Gas’, about  five steps towards achieving sustainable cost optimisation in the oil and gas industry.

    In the article, co-authored by Partners Bernhard Hartmann, Saji Sam and Volker Weber, he outlines key observations as to how NOCs are:

    1. Increasingly implementing ambitious cost optimization programmes to reduce operating expenditure

    2. Developing impactful and implementable initiatives and;

    3. In turn monitoring those so that savings are captured and not spent elsewhere

    Read the full Arabian Oil and Gas article here.

    June 2017

  • CNBC Arabia interviews Public Sector Partner Jeff Youssef on the role of privatisation in accelerating airport infrastructure improvement

    Jeff Youssef was interviewed by CNBC Arabia, where he spoke at length on the Privatisation of Airports in the GCC and its benefits.

    Key Messages:

    1.      As passenger volumes continue to grow and airlines worldwide expand their fleets, airport infrastructure is fast becoming a growth bottleneck

    2.      Privatisation has an important role to play in eliminating this barrier to growth, according to Oliver Wyman’s ‘Leveraging the Private Sector to Improve Airport Infrastructure’ report

    3.      Airports in the region are growing by 5% annually, which means that by 2030 the number of passengers will double

    4.      The private sector should be involved in investments reaching 100 billion US, as the projects will not only be infrastructural but will also involve operations

    5.      Governments need to have regulations to protect themselves during the privatisation process

    6.      Privatisation will contribute to the community where it will provide new job and suppliers, which will increase tourism and transit and increase profits for airliners

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    May 2017

  • Energy Partners Alexander Franke and Volker Weber pen an article for Arabian Oil and Gas on how National Oil Companies (NOCs) can remain competitive despite low oil prices

    Alexander Franke and Volker Weber from the Energy practice discuss how enterprise risk management (ERM) infrastructures can help NOCs compete globally with international oil majors and match their financial performance. There is ultimately a need for NOCs to determine how much risk they are willing to bear, and the establishment of a risk culture. Without the influence they enjoy on home turf, NOCs are increasingly prone to reputational and regulatory risks as they come under scrutiny from foreign entities.

    This opinion piece, published in the subscription-only oil and gas monthly publication, Arabian Oil and Gas, reviews the low price situation and recommends what steps Middle East NOCs can take in response.

    April, 2017

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    May, 2017 - Update: An Arabic version of the article was published in HBR Arabia and can be read here.

  • MEES: Bernhard Hartmann, Saji Sam, Volker Weber and Bruno Sousa on maximizing local employment and boosting overall economic growth.

    Oliver Wyman Partners Bernhard Hartmann, Saji Sam, Volker Weber and Principal Bruno Sousa discuss the Middle East’s need to decrease dependence on oil and  maximize local employment to boost economic growth. The article highlights successes of Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco in replicating the Norwegian localization model, especially as the country’s own economy was largely dependent on oil, much like many of those in the Middle East. Successful localization plans need to be sustainable and staggered over time, to ensure effective technology transfer and sufficient preparedness of the workforce and local supply chain.

    The write-up appeared in the subscription-based weekly MEES and discusses the need for greater localization in Middle Eastern economies to boost sustainability and growth, while also  recommending a case study that can be replicated successfully in the region.

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    March 2017

  • CommsMEA: Diego de Miguel provides perspectives on Blockchain in the Telecom Industry

    Diego de Miguel commented on the impact of blockchain in the telecommunications industry, and its disruption to the IT and networking services. He also mentioned the benefits and potential of blockchain technology in the future.

    CommsMEA is a leading telecoms magazine and website, covering the telecoms sector in the Middle East and Africa, headquatered in the United Arab of Emirates.

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    February 2017 

  • ‘How GCC companies can reach their sustainability goals' an opinion piece by Greg Rung featured in Gulf Business

    Greg Rung highlighted Oliver Wyman's Social Impact Imperative report which conducted a survey to identify regional efforts in sustainability.

    He outlined the importance of understanding the concept of CSR, including the difference between corporate philanthropy and corporate sustainability, and the significance of partnership between corporations and governments in working together towards sustainability goals. He also mentioned the essentiality to train staff for specialised skills and hiring of experts in sustainability, and the necessity to establish an 'impact measurement' structure that is in line with international reporting guidelines.

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    Social Impact Imperative Report Pdf 

    February 2017 

  • Head of Financial Services (MEA) Mathieu Vasseux speaks to Dubai TV about FinTech

    Mathieu Vasseux, Head of Financial Services (MEA) spoke about the benefits and risks of FinTech, the impact of FinTech in the current economy and modular services. 

    Dubai TV broadcasts programmes mainly for Arabic speaking audiences around the MENA region, and it is also available in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

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    February 2017 

  • BBC Arabia Program on technology trends in 2017, features Maarten de Wit

    Maarten de Wit was featured in a special tech feature on BBC Arabia that was telecast recently.

    He speaks about IOT and trends for 2017 including digital’s impact on Banking, Healthcare and use of drones etc.

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    January 2017