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We prepare our clients for the future of mobility today.

We advise global, regional and cargo carriers, aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) and suppliers, airports, MROs and other service providers in the transport and travel sector on how to grow shareholder and stakeholder value, optimize operations, and maximize commercial and organizational effectiveness.

Although we fully understand the nuances of the specialized functions for aviation like network planning or technical procurement, our team also has access to a wide breadth of capability expertise so that our clients can bring the best ideas from a wide range of industries to their businesses.

We also collaborate with our colleagues across the broader transportation practice to serve clients in surface or mixed modal transportation sectors like rail, road, maritime, logistics and 3PLs, express, and postal providers.

Roger Lehman
We are at the forefront of helping our aviation clients improve their businesses today as well as making them successful and durable for the future. Our expertise runs deep into airline functions and broadly across the c-suite’s agenda. We have capabilities that are unparalleled such as our expertise around commercial planning, forecasting and management, the impact of digital demands on complex airline functions to help our clients grow in a world of global competition
Roger Lehman Global Transportation Practice Leader Oliver Wyman

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