Marco Bon
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Marco is a Partner in the Dubai office with over 20 years of industry and consulting experience. With expertise in analytics, he helps clients identify and manipulate complicated and unusual data sets to come up with interesting solutions to exciting problems. 

It gives me enormous satisfaction to see that our work is preparing this generation to help future generations approach problems in an innovative way.

Always looking for the next challenge, Marco was drawn to consulting due to the opportunity to explore various sectors and look at existing problems from new and different angles with the objective of providing quick and efficient solutions. He is constantly excited by the field and the ability to shift focus between geographies, sectors, and problems.

Marco’s client work is helping many countries in the Middle East to leapfrog in the digital and analytical spaces. He finds immense satisfaction in not only accelerating advancements but also being able to support a whole generation of people that are going to lead with a new view of how to problem solve and innovate.  

Marco holds a graduate degree in business administration from EAESP Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil. He is native in Portuguese, fluent in English, and has working knowledge of Spanish.